Tom Chapman

Brass & Woodwind musical instrument service and repair

10 Hilton Street, Tamworth, NSW 2340.     mob. 0413974839.





I can mend a broken instrument...Only Jesus can mend a broken heart.

If you have an instrument in for service, please scroll down to check its status.

Our service facility provides:


Ask about our trumpet chemical and ultrasonic cleaning service: $50.00



Repadding of all woodwind instruments
Recorking of joint tenons
Repair/rebuilding of broken tenons
Resurfacing of tone holes
Dent removal/reduction in flutes & saxophones
Straightening/re-aligning of flute and saxophone bodies
Regulation of pad opening and coupling mechanisms
Resetting of bent keywork
Replacement (and manufacture) of broken springs
Manufacture of broken or lost keys


Dent reduction in bells and pipework of brass instruments
Internal cleaning
Release of frozen slides
Rebuilding of braces in trumpets, trombones etc.
Repair and resetting of trombone slides
Release of jammed mouthpieces
Re-soldering of water keys and manufacturing springs
Re-stringing and regulating of rotary valves


Score setting and layout

  • changing keys
  • changing instruments
  • changing clefs


Instrument Make Serial No. Customer Status
Tenor Recorder Moeck none Braggs Finished
Clarinet Selmer Q1831 Chalkley Waiting
Bass Clarinet Selmer N09308 Smith Finished
Flute Blessing 66158 OSB Waiting
Flute Blessing 43360 OSB Waiting
Flute Gemeinhardt B10256 OSB Waiting
Clarinet Bandmaster J2467 OSB Waiting
Clarinet Bandmaster J2551 OSB Waiting
Clarinet Bandmaster J1689 OSB Waiting
Clarinet Bandmaster J2513 OSB Waiting
Clarinet Bandmaster J1652 OSB Waiting
Cornet LaFleur 611665 OSB Waiting
Cornet York 303142 OSB Waiting
Trumpet B & H 501491 OSB Waiting
Trumpet Parrot 1835 OSB Waiting
Trombone B & H 463709 OSB Waiting
Tenor Horn unbranded 64251 OSB Waiting
Trumpet Bach 30004 Calrossy Waiting
Trumpet Bach 8137 Calrossy Finished
Trumpet Yamaha V17108 Calrossy Finished
Trumpet Yamaha V16223 Calrossy Finished
Trumpet Yamaha V15944 Calrossy Finished
Trumpet Yamaha Z15132 Calrossy Finished
Trumpet B & H A06136 Calrossy Finished
Tenor Saxophone Armstrong N271784 Calrossy Waiting
Alto Saxophone Buffet BCA102757 Calrossy Waiting
Trombone Conn 511451 Di Rossi Waiting
Clarinet Solo T23859 NWPS Waiting
Clarinet Buffet 994058 NWPS Waiting
Clarinet Buffet 1153769 Chappel Waiting
Flute Pearl 131971 NPS Waiting
Flute Armstrong 7180251 NPS Waiting
Flute Armstrong 6086176 NPS Waiting
Clarinet Armstrong 7088341 NPS Waiting